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If you have read the book or seen the movie Jumanji, you have a taste of the this tale. A game takes over reality for 3 young men with no aparent way out.
  • Magic, Sci-Fi
  • Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations

Kelly, Mark, and Duane. Just three high school seniors who have been friends since grade school, hanging out together, counting the days until graduation.

Today, however, is going to be the beginning of a new reality for them, especially Kelly. On the way home that day, Kelly finds a board game lying in an alley. This is not just any board game, but a special game with the ability to make the players follow its instructions and to alter them to suit the situation.

As the game pro- gresses, Kelly finds his body being altered to make him sexually desirable to his friends and Mark and Duane find it impossible to resist the game's orders to explore their friend's new physique.

The question in the mind of all three players is, "What happens when the game ends?"

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