Tales of Humiliated Sissies

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Four of the sexiest force sissy training stories from the Mistress of the genre, Patricia Michelle, are in this compact magazine sized collector's edition with over 30 illustrations. The Sissy PageantMaid PermanentSissy in Denial, and Maid to HeelOver 30 full color Illustrations!

  • Female Domination
  • Forced Feminization
  • Sissy Training
  • Adult Sexual Situations

Maid Permanent

Chapter-1 A Typical Story

It's a typical story, one so many women have feeling trapped in a dead end office job with no way out. Well, that wasn't going to be me. So I married Bill, my boss, I wasn't in love with him but I simply was desperate. Stuck as a secretary, going nowhere, in an office where I was constantly hit on grew to dread each day I went to work. I developed a true hate of men and their constant groping and he wasn't any better than the rest of them.

So we married, but I had a plan. One day I told him I had a confession. part of the reason I married him was that he reminded my of my first love, Brandy.

"Does that mean I married a lesbian?" He asked naturally shocked.

"Oh no, but Brandy was special, a special memory. You have the same build, the same hair, you're loving and pamper me to death," I admitted. Which was true, and of which I took full advantage, mainly as I was gorgeous and he could't believe his luck.

"I know how outlandish this sounds, but I'd really love you more if you looked a bit more like her," I said.

"You know I'd do anything for you, I don't mind looking more like her, but how would I do that?" he asked, falling into my carefully laid plans. 

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