She's Having a Ball

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Just out of college, Zack, a slight and introverted young man, decides to see the country before settling down to a working life, when he stops in a small town for a bite to eat. Unfortunately the town is basically ruled by one family and one woman, who has "special needs" Zack just might be able to fill. What do you suppose they might be? (100 pages)

  • Forced Feminization
  • Feminine Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"Zack dear, stay still. What Lisa will be doing will feel cold, but it is necessary. You scared me that night. I never had expected that you would leave me without a word or my approval. That disappointed me much. So much that I have to make you aware of the pain that you have given me. I also must prevent you from doing such a foolish thing again. I can tell you that I have found the perfect solution for that problem. I love it, the twins love it and you have no other choice than to love it." Zack was staying still, very still, even when the glue felt colt on his breast. He still stayed still when Brenda took care of his left side and Lisa the right one. A moment later, two very realistic looking silicone breasts were attached to his own. He only felt the weight. He tried to guess what it could be, but stopped trying. The blindfold wasn't removed until Miss Tennyson did it herself. She was the first thing that Zack saw. His reaction wasn't that bad. His reaction to those weights on his body was far worse and for this once Miss Tennyson did allow it. Zack was mostly screaming. So Miss Tennyson mostly covered her ears - as did the rest. "Stop it you screaming sissy! This is your own doing. You were the one that tried to escape. Don't blame me for these extra body parts. It will remind you every day of what you have done and not to do it again."

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