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See-Thru Bra

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This beautiful, feminine bra has been designed to fit and accentuate the TRANSFORM® Breast Forms. Sheer outer fabric allows the forms to be seen through the outer cup. Lightweight inner pockets help hold breast forms in place for added security. Wide satin elastic straps and a wide-cut band under the arms offer great support for the weight of the breast forms. Molded stretch cups can accommodate several breast form sizes; eg. 40C bra fits size 6, 7, or 8 breast form.

The most comfortable way to wear a breast form is inside a pocket bra. A pocket bra's cups have two layers, and the breast form is worn in between.

Available in White or Black

Size range: 

Measure to Determine your Bra Band Size 

  • Using a tape measure, measure around the rib cage under the pectoral muscles where the natural breast tissue joins the body.  Take a snug measurement.  (This would be where the band of the bra fits around the chest.)
  • Add 5 inches to this measurement. (This is a general guide, if you wear a band at the size you measure and it feels comfortable then stay with that method. The add 5" suggestion is helpful if you have trouble finding a bra that fits.)
  • Example:  Chest Measurement = 36"        Add 5"       Estimated band size = 41".
  • Bra bands come only in even numbers, so this person would try on a 40 or 42 to see which works best.  All bras stretch differently.