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Virgil was a slight boy who grew into a willowy young man. When he graduates, his and his Mom's life circumstances dictate that he must get a job and the one that he stumbles on is working in a restaurant - as a waitress. Unafraid he accepts the position and his life begins to change.

  • Crossdressing
  • Slow Transition
  • Hormones

"I walked over to the full-length mirror and looked myself over. I was proud of how feminine I looked in my lingerie. At the closet I stepped into a short white petticoat and then slipped on a black velvet puff sleeve mini dress and my black five-inch stiletto heel pumps. Back in front of the mirror I twirled around and looked at myself again. I loved the feel of the black velvet on my smooth feminine skin. I had no doubt that my "little black dress" would be a hit with Paul too. Sally Ryan had giggled when she said "men are why God made little black dresses!"

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