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From Jeff to Jennifer - The Pretty Secretary (Pt 1&2)

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A Two part saga! Both books for $20

Teenage boys tend to be a little wild but Jeff was simply out of control. His mother feared he would end up in prison...or worse. After trying every conventional form of control and restraint, she finally decided to do the unthinkable. She threw away all of Jeff's male clothing and forced him to wear nothing but girly-girl outfits. This is only the beginning of her plans for the wayward boy!

  • Female Domination
  • Slow Transformation

"You aren't planning on making me to out of the house like this, are you? Because if that's what you're planning, then you might just as well get a gun and shoot me, Jill. I won't go out looking like this," he warned her. "First of all, if I wanted to take you outside like this, trust me, you'd go. I wouldn't have to shoot you. All I'd have to do is let enough of the right people know about the New You. I think by the time they got done with you, you'd be begging me to shoot you," she told him. "But to answer your question, no, I'm not making you go out just yet. We have a way to go before you're ready for that. If you learn your lessons well, by the time we do go out, no one, not even your own Mom would recognize you. Maybe we'll do that in a few more days after you get used to the new clothes and learn to walk in your new high heels. You know, get used to being Jennifer," she told him.