Forced To Date The Boss's Son

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Marty Morris has a problem. His mom's boss has mistaken him as a girl suggests that he should go on a date with his son. Marty's mom, afraid to reveal the truth, agrees thinking that one little date will keep the peace. It's a first step down a long and slippery slope for the poor boy.


Slow Transformation

"Mother, tell me you're kidding because there's no way in hell I'm going to dress as a girl and go out on a date with a boy. This is crazy. Why didn't you just tell him the truth when you had the chance?" he said. "Because he saw you, Marty. He saw just what you just saw when you looked at yourself in the mirror. So for me to set him straight, after seeing you like this would mean telling him and everyone I work with that my only son is gay or queer or whatever the call guys who dress as girls. It would mean humiliation and possibly dismissal from my job. I had it all set up for Debbie to go out with Fred but she had an emergency in the family and left for Ohio. My boss asked me to find an escort for his son a couple of days ago. He made it sound like a very big deal; it's really important to him." "And just what happens to us if he finds out that I am not his dream girl, and trust me, that is going to happen because I don't know anything about being a girl," Marty said sarcastically.

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