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Forced to Date The Boss's Son 2

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Marty continues to develop into a beautiful young woman as his/her first year of community college is winding down. Marty and her mother Anna are about to go off for a weekend with Eric and his son Fredrick. But there are other secrets to discover here.

  • Continuing slow transformation
  • Hormones
  • Gender Confusion
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"By the afternoon of that first day, he actually began to relax. He did think that it was very sad that, as Martha, almost every head in the room noticed him as she entered or left the foo, but as Mary, the boy, no one seemed to care. It was as if he didn't count or exist. He had to admit to himself that it was kind of a kick and gave him a warm feeling to know that he could be someone pretty and sexy enough to turn heads and have people think he was hot. "Oh God, Marty, there you go again. You're losing itl Even your thinking is becoming vain and feminine," he said to himself."