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Dark Visions Part 1&2

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Mark was not satisfying Beth sexually, so after reading Spousal Training of the Male, Beth decided it was time she wore the pants in the family and Mark - soon to be Markie - wore the panties. It was all so depraved, enthralling, and so deliciously decadent. Neither of them could control their Dark Visions!
  • Crossdressing
  • Female Domination
  • Forced Transformation


As if reading her mind, Hedda said, "Of course some males , no matter how you change their appearance, will never be convincing. However, putting them in the feminine role changes their demeanor, makes them more loving, more malleable."

"Huh," said Beth, thinking how Mark liked being caressed in her lingerie, how he used to enjoy their intimate little shopping trips.

"Didn't you say that he enjoyed shopping for lingerie with you?"

Beth nodded and crossed her legs under the table. She was wet and hoped hoped her face didn't reveal her sexually agitated state.

"Irene told me about your teasing incident in the shoe store, how excited your husband seemed to be when you were teasing the young clerk. The fantasy, hiding Mark in the closet while you had the clerk in your clutches. Didn't that excite him?"

"Oh, yes."

"One of the most favorite male fantasies is a menage a trois. It's an ego builder for the male in most cases. The reverse is true for today's enlightened female, but it is not necessarily an ego builder for her as it is a path to exquisite pleasure... for both woman and man."