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Burn It Part 2

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Our crime story continues as poor joe Creasy, the crossdressing bandit, is hoping to get away from this life, but as usual, there's always one more big score. Well he ever get out of dresses?

  • Transformation
  • Crime Story
  • Adult Sexual Situations


I turned on my heel and walked down the corridor to Room 104. I walked slowly and with assurance. My heart started to pick up the pace. This was for real. This was it. No turning back. I couldn't look at the even numbers. I walked past Room 101, Room 103, Room 105 and then, opposite from it, was Room 104. A wooden hotel door separated me from £86,000. All I had to do was walk in, pick it up off the bed and walk out. With shaking, gloved hands, I took the key from my handbag. I wondered if the key would fit, if it would turn. A bald-headed man in a suit lumbered past, He smiled at me, then a couple came past. They wished me a good evening...