Becoming The Perfect Student Part 2

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In part 2 of this trilogy, "Monique" finds out just how embarrassing and exhausting learning to be a proper woman can be. the training is non-stop and frequently served with a dose of cruelty. Lady, the girls' real-girl trainer, is a harsh mistress, especially to those who would defy her feminization lessons, as "Rosemary" a defiant student finds out.

  • Bad Boy to Good Girl
  • Forced Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"That's why women wear stockings, ladies." Lacy made the video pause and panned her sight across our faces. "They make our legs appeal to most men, and even some women will find them irresistible. They shimmer enchantingly when we walk, they swish subtly when our legs brush against each other, they set us aglow with sexual mystery." She paused again to look at us. "I'm sure each of you looking at a sexy girl in a short skirt has wondered at one time or another what she had on her legs: stockings or pantihose? You hoped her skirt would ride up to uncover the mystery." she smiled at us expectantly. "And if she's wearing stockings and a garter belt, it hits every sexual trigger. Am I right?"

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