An Unforeseen Journey

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"Told in the first person, this is the story of a young man from his earliest memories. It is quite like many other stories, until something happens to him serving as a Marine Corporal in the Middle East theater. His patrol is captured and he is made the sacrificial lamb. Awakening from a long period of medication, he discovers that he has been made over and is now a beautiful woman!
Transsexual Surgery
Forced Sexual Submission
Fictional Biography"


After the ties were released, and the final bandages were removed, I asked a nurse for a mirror. Did I really want to see what I now looked like? Was I going to be some sort of grotesque collection of male and female parts?

I swallowed the lump away, and raised the mirror to eye level, and took a long look. Again, I nearly fainted once more. The image I saw could have been a twin of my mother when she was young. The hair, the eyes, lips and cheek bones were now identical to her. It was if they had taken a picture of her, and then painted her image on my face. But I was in for more surprises. My body now looked like nothing I could have imagined.

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