A Maid's Story

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Admit it! Maid stories are one of your favorites, especially when it the situation is created by a strong woman forcing a weaker man. Jim Rankin is a simple guy with a simple life, but he's married to a woman who is looking for something more!

  • Feminine Domination
  • Forced Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"Jim Rankin is a regular guy, not very different from a lot of men you know, maybe even yourself. He loves his wife Irene very much. Everything is normal in Jim's world. That's until Irene decides she'd like to make a few modifications in her husband. Nothing drastic, it's just that he'd look ever so much better with a cute figure, pretty face and nice bosom. Irene's mother agrees and delights in the thought of having her feminized son-in-law as her housemaid. Jim finds himself becoming Flossie, a Victorian maid in the employ of his scheming mother-in-law. This isn't Jim's idea of a good time but having nice, bouncing boobs is kind of a turn-on. Plus, the sex with Irene is mind-blowing. But is it worth undergoing Irene's tests of his loyalty, like having "Flossie" take to the streets as a prostitute?

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